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The Founder

From Property Investment to Property Maintenance

Not many people know that before Jennifer Parrillo was a property maintenance and janitorial services powerhouse, she was an effective beach front property investor. Most notably, she was the owner of the Seaside Motel while having a seat on the board of directors for Sea-breeze Condominiums, and The Princess Luxury Condos.

The number one challenge for her motel and one that came up each board meeting was how to find an effective property maintenance and janitorial team. At the time, the bay area offered no reliable service in this field, leaving the properties in an overall unkempt state. Unfortunately what comes next is always a loss in rental income and the decay of precious infrastructure.

It was December of 2003 that Jennifer decided it was up to her to establish that service that the gulf beach area so desperately needed. Now, She is the owner of the finest and most professional group offering maintenance and janitorial services on the coast.

Castles to Cottages was created by a property investor, for a property investor.

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